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Piano lessons kids love!

Want your kids to be happy & healthy while having a blast this summer?

The end of the school year is coming very soon (WOO HOOOOO!).

Your kids (and you) can't wait to ditch the daily Zoom lessons and homework packets and head for the great outdoors (also known as 'your backyard').

Then a short few days of fresh air later, they head straight for the couch where they intend to camp out in front of the tv for the next 3,472 days.


(Or what it feels like, anyway;)

Wouldn't you like to see your kids have a summer that involves more than just non-stop Nickelodeon and Nintendo Switch?


Imagine your kids taking a break from the couch and the Disney channel and the video games and doing something different this summer...


What if they learned to read music and play piano?

And what if they could do that at their own pace, safely (and conveniently) from home, with a bunch of their friends?


Introducing a brand new program created just for you and your kids:


"Summer Piano Club 60!"

A unique summer piano program specifically designed to keep your kids socially connected, creatively motivated and safe!


Summer piano fun begins June 8, with each student choosing their favorite style of music to learn...Disney songs, pop hits, classical favorites, children's songs, 50's rock n' roll...even Christmas songs (who says Christmas music & 95-degree weather don't mix?).


Then over the next 12 weeks, summer students get to choose the piano activities they would like to do, with 60 individual and group piano activities to choose from!

9 Zoom Events:

  • 6 Zoom Piano Lessons, signed up for individually to allow for plenty of schedule flexibility (vacations (staycations?) and summer programs)

  • 3 Zoom Piano Parties

33 Offline (non-Zoom) Activities:

  • 3 Outdoor Concerts (including 1 End of Summer Concert)

  • "Shhhh! Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice" Activities

  • Meet the Composer Activity Pack

  • Just Play!

  • Piano Games

18 Tech Activities (phone/tablet/laptop + internet):

  • Piano Maestro or Supersonics Plus

  • Record & Send

  • Compose, Record & Send

Yes, that's a whole lotta piano stuff going on!

Your kids are going to love being able to decide which activities they do.


Does your daughter like to make up her own songs? Then she'll love the "Compose, Record & Send" activities!

Does your son like to play video games? Then he's going to have a blast with the video-game graphics of the very cool Piano Maestro app!

This is a FULL SUMMER of piano and music activities! But without the price tag of a 12-week summer camp program.

All of the above activities are included with the Summer Piano Club 60 program fee of $86 per month (June-August), and $25 Registration Fee.


Your kids will have 12 weeks of summer of fun with the 60 activities mentioned above as well as the piano book of their choosing, music folder, special handouts, piano calendars, sticker packs, game packs, full subscriptions to two incredibly fun piano apps, Beethoven Bucks and special prizes purchased in the End-of-Summer Piano Store.

Miss Debbie would love to see your kids at the piano this summer as they learn to read music and play their favorite songs while staying connected with friends...all from the safety of your own home.

Registration begins Monday, May 18, and space in this special program is limited!

Request more information today by clicking the button below.


Summer is coming soon...let's get together and play!

Summer piano lessons your kids are gonna love!

"In the short time that she has been taking lessons, Aubrey comes home each time excited and motivated to not only practice her "homework" but to push herself and explore music. This excitement and motivation carries her all week until her next lesson!"


-Aubrey's mom (Aubrey, age 6)





















"Piano lessons are fun and cool...I'm able to play in music class at school and play at church." 


-Eli, age 10

"Miss Debbie is great! She has a great way with children and is very talented herself! She makes lessons fun and engaging!" 


-Alaya's mom (Alaya, age 7)




















"Since starting lessons with Miss Debbie my daughter has learned an incredible amount about the piano including reading music, learning to play MANY songs and has even performed for others (including her entire school in a talent show). Miss Debbie is so talented and makes piano lessons fun!" 


-Stephanie's mom (Stephanie, age 11)

"Two words I would use to describe piano lessons are 'fun' and 'exciting.' It's fun each week to learn new songs!" 

-Erin, age 10















"Cecilia has learned so much in a short time and in addition to the piano skills she has picked up, her grades have also shown improvement." 


-Cecilia's mom (Cecilia, age 8)

"Piano lessons were fun the first time I tried it and I'm still having fun. The tablets are helpful.you should try it too!" 


-Isabelle, age 7






"Lessons are awesome and fun! I get to explore any genre, or song in the piano world." 


-Chelsea, age 11

"I love playing piano and piano lessons with Miss Debbie. Lessons are challenging and fun." 

-Brett, age 12

"I've enjoyed the past 3 years so much thanks to Miss Debbie! I've learned so many things and my skills have broadened...I have become a great musician. Thank you!" 


-Kara, age 13

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