Why PianoBuzz?

It's a matter of Ordinary vs. Extraordinary.

Ordinary Piano Lessons

Ordinary piano lessons have a big problem: HOME PRACTICE.


Practicing songs on the piano at home shouldn’t be that difficult, right? After all, Alex just spent 30-minutes with the piano teacher the other day. They worked on songs together that whole time, didn’t they?


Well, they did. But there’s only so much Alex can learn in a quick 30-minute piano lesson.


There's barely enough time to review last week’s songs and then hit the highlights of a couple of new songs before the lesson time is up.


Then Alex goes home and plays those songs the best she can. She plays a little on the timid side, though, because she’s just not sure if she’s playing everything right.


She might ask Mom or Dad a question or two about the notes on the page, but they never learned a musical instrument, so they can't offer much help.


And some weeks, she feels so intimidated and confused by those new songs, that she doesn’t practice at all.


And guess what happens at her next lesson?


She plays some things so great! And she plays a few things not-so-great.


And the not-so-great things need to be reviewed and tweaked and fixed.


And all that reviewing and tweaking and fixing takes time.


Time in the actual lesson. Then another week of time at home, relearning the same songs.


So progress for Alex is slow. Playing the same songs two or sometimes three weeks in a row is discouraging. And frustrating. And boring.


And within a few months, Alex loses interest in piano altogether and quits.


Definitely not the experience we were hoping to have when we signed our kids up (or ourselves) for piano lessons! It’s no wonder so many people give up on playing piano within the first year.


But what if learning piano was much easier? And not only easier, but exciting? What if piano lessons were lively and fun and actually something to look forward to?

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(you're about to find out that learning piano can be easy, and that exciting, lively and FUN piano lessons actually DO exist!)

Extraordinary Piano Lessons

PianoBuzz Studio offers a unique solution to the problem of ordinary piano lessons: the Accelerate! Piano Program


Students in Accelerate! learn ALL their music, start to finish, at each one-hour, weekly lesson. Students leave each lesson knowing exactly how each of their 2-3 songs (or more) is to be played.


Then at home, practice is not a struggle or guesswork; practice is just a fun review of the songs they already know how to play. Students enjoy the mastery of these songs at home for several days--a confidence-boost, for sure!


At the next lesson, they perform their songs with confidence, expression and technical accuracy and then move on to the next set of skills and songs.

This is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary piano lessons!


At PianoBuzz, this is how students learn at their own pace yet still learn songs and skills at an accelerated pace.


This is how students become motivated, confident, independent music learners.


This is how students enjoy playing piano at home, without stress and frustration.


This is how PianoBuzz helps develop happy musicians who are able to just sit down at the piano and play whatever they want to play!

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